Taiwan, Part 7 - Master Bear Resort

July 16, 2011
Master Bear Resort, Taitung

Master bear resort is located by the moutains and the away from the city. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of the countryside.

I was actually at dinner time when we arrived after our hot spring at Luye.
No pictures on the hotspring though, its pouring outside and warm in the private room.

We were ushered into the dining hall on the upper deck of the main hall. Very cozy and country feel. Was told that there will be events for all their guest nightly. I bet its for all the tour groups.

Food served are very home-cooked country style. Steamed black bean with beancurd, fried fish with sauce, japanese style curry chicken, potato chicken, vegetables, sesame pork and soup as well as oranges for dessert.

After dinner is it activity time!!

Each participant received a special Hula Bear badge. After games, its lantern time - Guang Ming Lantern.

Finally its check-in time!

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