Taiwan, Part 7 - Master Bear Resort, Part II

July 16, 2011
Master Bear Resort, Part II

Finally we are in our resort! Me and my family got the upper level and we are sharing the cabin with another newly married couple. I was secretly hoping that we would be sleeping in the caravan. But from all the rain and cold weather outside. Think the cabin sounds more comforting!

Our cute little living room of the cabin.

Cosy bedroom sharing with my sister. That teddy was brought up from the living room to add in the cozy and cute feel to the other wise plain bed.

Parent's room with the high ceiling and the antique lamp. Though both the room are spacious and large beds. There is no attached bathroom to these room. We have common bath on the upper level and an attached bathroom to the room downstairs. Haven't got the chance to enter that room though.

It was only in the morning when we have the chance to walk around the resort.

That is our cabin!

There is actually a pond near our cabin. Didn't realize it at all when we were walking to our cabin last night!

It's breakkie time! First accomodation which serves cereals in for our trip. Breakfast with a spectacular view of the pool is . . . aah . . . enjoyment!

Their famous big teddy at the entrance.

Their entrance of the resort. The upper level is where we had our dinner last night. And yes. It is still raining on the fourth day of the trip. Guess it is still gonna be raining till the day we leave back home.

This is the entrance of the resort where the buses stops.

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