Taiwan, Part 10 - Spring And Autumn Pavilions

July 16, 2011
Finally we are in Kaohsiung!


Kaohsiung city of Taiwan is situated at the southwestern part of Taiwan. It faces the south outlet of Taiwan Strait and is the biggest seaport city, secondary only to Taipei city. Kaohsiung is a beautiful city well-known for its scenic beauty, a place for sightseeing.

Spring And Autumn Pavilions

Spring and Autumn pavilions are dedicated to Kuan Kung, The God of War. In front of the pavilion is a statue of Guanyin or  Kuanyin, The Godess of Mercy riding a dragon.

Along the walls in the dragon are murals depicting the story of Guanyin and other deities.

At the exit, which is at the tail of the dragon, there is another pagoda.

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