Taiwan, Part 3 - Yehliu Geopark

July 11, 2011
Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu is located at Wanli of Taipei County with a long cape. Because the rock layer of nearby seashore containes limestone subject to sea erosion, weathering and earth movements, Yehliu is full of seawater-eroded holes as well as numerous rocks in the shape of mushroom, candle, ginger and chessboard. All these make this 1,700-meter-long cape a geology park with rich ecological resources and a prosperous fishing village.

Geographically, Yehliu is situated in northern Taiwan about 15km from Keelung harbour; between Jinshan and Wanli. Yeliu is a small peninsula, 1700m long and 50-250m wide.

The rocks if Yeliu were formed during the Miocene about 25-10 million years ago. consists of sandstone and sandstone with rich calcareous or silt deposits. The rock layers of Yeliu are arranged like the pages of a book, each page telling its own story. The rocks dip (slope downwards) at 20&deg in an easternly direction and the strike (where bedding plane intersects the horizontal) in N30° E.
Not too far from the entrance, there was a tourist deck where you see the first formation - The Camel.

There were mascot on the formation of the rocks, near the replica Queen's Head there were several.

Queen's Head II

Due to long-term weathering and erosion, the appearance of Queen's Head, the symbol of the Yehliu Geopark, is gradually wearing down. In order to preserve its elegant shape and provide tourist another good attraction for appreciation, photo-taking as well as a model for educational teaching, this fiberglass replica of the Queen's Head was produced using ground 3D laser scanning technology to configure an accurate 3D digital model of the original. The replica is made of PU materials and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) processed to create a real-size 3D model; this was followed up by FRP reproduction, minute laborious treatment, manual simulation coloring and sandstone surface simulating treatment to finally create this newly reproduced Queen's Head.

It was a pity that we could not get to the actual Queen's Head that day as it was raining heavily and the path is slippery. Being a clumsy person that I am, I'm forbidden to get there at all cost. Luckily there was this replica for us to capture our momentos. As we walk further into the park where the famous scenic spot is called the Queen's Head, The Fairy's Sandal and other stones. I could only see these famous scenic formation from afar.

Since I could not get to the famous formations, might take the chance to appreciate what I could get near to. Well, there was other stones which is quite facinating as well.

The lush green of moss are all over at the rocks.

Was attracted to the layers of colour on the rock and the green moss at the foot of it. I had no idea what was this formation, until I came home and check their website where this looks like the Mazu Cave.

I didn't see the carp rock and parrot rock at the geopark. But I found this looks alittle like a parrot on its own - my own interpretation.

The few mascost around the park. And they have their name as well . . .

More information on Yehliu Geopark

How could anyone miss out the betel nut girls when they visit Taiwan? On our way to Chiufen, our tour leader drop by their usual routine betel nut store to show us some of their local 'beauties'. It seems that the betel nut girls do not goes on the tourist bus anymore for fear. At this store, I presume this is their routine store that is why they do board the bus "attact" the guy tourist.

That is our local tour guide kena 'attacked'!

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