Taiwan, Part 1 - Ximending, Ah Zhong Mian Xian

July 10, 2011
It was a 1430 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei via the China Airlines. This is way cooler than the aircraft which we usually boarded. This comes with refreshments, entertainment and even meals! Just love it and its the beginning of it.

Both, my sister and I are keeping our fingers crossed that this trip will be good one. As it is my sister's first time travelling with my parents and aunties. Yeah you heard me... aunties... and 4 of them!

I was in the middle of watching "Baby Mama" in the flight when the captain annouced that will be arriving shortly and that its raining at our destination. Darn, the weather forecast is right!

The Arrival
It was 6.30pm when we reached Taiwan, Taoyuan airport. The airport is a little run down as it is going through renovations. We grouped, collected our baggage and made our way through imigration. After meeting our Taiwan guide - Ah Hui. We were lead to our bus after we changed those old notes to the new notes (without the silver bar to those with silver bar), bought a Taiwan SIM card and had our nature's call as it is another 45 minutes drive away to our first destination - Ximending (西門町).

It was chilly and drizzling when we were are Ximending. Our first meal in Taiwan, the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian. There were a long queue and lots of people at the entrance eating the Mian Xian. We did not miss our out our share either. Added some garlic sauce, chilli sauce and armed with a platic spoon. That is our dinner.

While we were getting ready to romp the street and had our eye targeted at the grill mushroom, their local DBKL came and the hawkers are fleeting away.

We headed to our meeting point nearby to look for more food. Went to this shop selling local food, Oyster omelette a.k.a. Orh Jian. Theirs are relatively more tapioca flour and sauces are sweet.

 After the omelette we went across the street to our meeting point to get our drink. Their local drink, and our first local drink. White bitter gourd melon juice. I was warned by my friend about the bitterness of the drink . . . but to our surprise it tasted relatively good. Bitter on the first note when it touches the tongue, then the sweet fragrance of the honey follow by a sweetness aftertaste in the throat.

Seated at the front of the shop, a whiff of the smelly taufu came to us. We asked the people around the shop and the kind waiter from the next shop came to introduce us the food with a few other variety of side dishes. We ordered the smelly taufu. NDT5 for 5 pieces of small taufu served with pickled vegetables and some sauces. They saw us eating and smiled... cause we were eating it wrongly! They explained to us on the eating. Stuffed some pickled vegetables into the taufu, dipped some chilli sauce if you like and eat it whole. We tried and its definitely much nicer to eat! Crunchy, salty and a little sweetness from all of the combination.

Once everyone came back to the meeting point. Off we went to check into our hotel.

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