Taiwan, Part 6 - Taiwan Marble Factory

July 16, 2011
I am actually contemplating whether I should post this. Marble factory is not exactly part of the main attactions to Taiwan, only part of the itinerary. But I do find that I took quite alot of pictures there.  As this is an tourist center sort, no indoor photography is allowed and I did not get anything there either.

There was a big green jade of some sort . . . or was it cat's eyes . . . which they says it will bring luck and wealth. Oh, this factory promoted cat's eyes stone too other than jade. Everyone are trying to get their hands on the green stone. We have to take quite some time for everyone done touching and snapping the stone before I can have my turn to snap this for my dad.

Once indoor, there is a hall for groups to gather and the representative will introduce their company / shop to us and usher us to a smaller private room to do some demostrations.

I wasn't listening to their introduction but instead I found this ceiling quite attractive. And beyond that, counters and counters of display to lure you into buying . . .

Made a quick round around the "exhibition" hall and both me and my sister came out to the outdoor to capture more pictures.

On our way to Taitung, and its our toilet stop. No doubt, their public toilet is mostly clean and sometimes beautiful too. This looks like a memorial or something.

Super cold and sleepy. In need of a warm caffeine fix, after making rounds at the WC. Spotted this little house at the back of the washroom. And its a cafe!

Latte, that would be a nice fix. And headed back to bus to our next destination.

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