Taiwan, Part 4 - Chiufen, Hualien

July 11, 2011

Located in Rueifan Town, Taipei Country, Chiufen used to be the center of gold mining in Taiwan. Chiufen is surrounded by mountains and facing the sea. When gold mining industry ended, Chiufen was once solitude until the rise of tourism in Chiufen.Today, Chiufen features historical sites of Japanese styled architectures and vivid old street that offers abundant local snacks and exotic traditional stores.

It was a short stop for us to do some shopping and to purchase some food before boarding the train to travel to Hualien. No doubt it was a rush and we barely had enough time to get our food after getting the souvenirs.

The only food we managed to get before rushing to the board the public bus to get us to the train station to proceed to Hualien is the Tako.

Not too bad though it had already been cold when we started to eat it when we arrived at the train station. It took us about an hour to reach Hualien by train. Passing through coves and farms.


The largest city in Taiwan. It is one-eighth the size of Taiwan. Hualien also has a night market, notably at the intersection of Kungcheng and Chungshan road and on Nanping Beach. But due to unexpected circumstances, when we reached there the night market after our dinner it not opened. Probably due to the pouring rain.

For dinner tonight, we had it at a local restaurant, native taiwanese cuisine. Very local native dishes, cosy and warm for a cold rainy night.

Fragrance 9 grain rice

The dishes served are less commercial than what we had in the city. Sashimi squid served with soya sauce and wasabi, char siu and prok ribs, deep fried chicken in curry paste and deep fried fish with sweet soya sauce. The dishes served are all decorated with natural item found in the garden; flowers, squash, leaves and fruits.

Night market time. But it was closed. Probably because of the pouring rain. We detour to some shopping district.

We were told that the Siao Long Dumpling at that shop is famous and not too expensive. It is well proven as they are busy making the dumplings and there are several steamer steaming the dumplings. While we placed our order, other tour mates told us that there is another type of dumpling, gozi which is quite tasty too. *Didn't get any pictures of the dumplings and gozi as my hands are full from shopping. Only the shop I manage to capture.*

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