Taiwan, Part 2 - Tamsui, Fisherman Wharf and Lover's Bridge

July 10, 2011
Not a usually early riser. Waking up at this monster hour at 0600 is torturous! To dampen the mood even further...it is still raining when we poke our head out the little window in the hotel room. Had our breakfast and off we went for our official Taiwan Tour!

Tamsui Old Street

We headed off to our first destination, Tamsui Old Street or more famously known as the "Old Historic Street". It was still raining and all the shops are still closed when we reached there. The shop for of the famous fish balls just opened when we arrived. We placed order on the yong tauhu in red soup and fish balls. And yep it tasted nice but it sure does looks weird.

The famous Danshui or Tamsui fish balls are made of fish paste and stuffed with meat and garlic served in a soup.

On the way to the meeting point. At the river, there was a sculpture.

And along the way, the street are indeed old looking.

Made some purchase of the local goods while we waited for the bus to arrive to pick us up to the next destination. Prawn crackers, lobster crackers and the famous Iron eggs (TieDan).

On a cold morning, a great cup of Starbucks is the best thing! And there it was... a whole building of Starbucks!!

Bride we saw while we were on our way to the Fisherman's Wharf and Lover's Bridge.

Fisherman's Wharf and Lover's Bridge

It is definitely still raining when we reached the destination. We was told that we are to hold your lover's hand when you walk across the bridge.

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