Taiwan, Part 19 - Shilin Night Market

July 25, 2011
Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market is divided into two areas; the Shilin Tourist Night Market located opposite the Jiantan MRT Station on the Jihe Road, and the area that stretches from Yangming Cinema to Danan Road, Dadong Road and Wenlin Road. The Shilin Tourist Night Market offers all kinds if snacks that attract large numbers of foreign tourists who are seeking, along with local customers the unique flavours of Taiwan.

This is the first eating spree in a night market in this trip although we are stopping at night markets for more than I did back home.

We tried as many local snacks we could this time before leaving home the next day. The famous large chicken chop. I did not try this. My aunt did and we could only snap a picture before she went missing with the chicken! Some find it salty, some find it tough and some find it nice. Well, I guess this depends on each individual taste.

We went our way for our food expedition. Grilled large taiwan sausages, oyster omelette, beef noodle, pork braised rice and of coruse papaya milk both us girls and white bitter gourd juice for the parents.

The beef noodle is rather different from what we had here in Malaysia. First off, their noodle is already different from ours here. Then the soup is different, but I could not tell what is the difference. But it is also delicious. But according to my aunt they had a more delicious beef noodle in Kaohsiung, that is when we waited for my uncle to pick us up from the night market to have dinner with his family.

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