Taiwan, Part 13 - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

July 16, 2011
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Located in Yuchih Township. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village has five theme parks: the European Gardens, the Aladdin Plaza, the Aboriginal Villages, Amusement Isle and Ti Ka Er Rainforest. This could take a day to travel to all the parks. With the limited time we had, only the Aboriginal Villages that we went.

Our first group picture of the tour at the Culture Square.

We board into the shuttle bus to get to the Formosan Aborigines Square. The Oponohu Rock.

This is something very interesting which everyone gapes with a popping eye. Some are even so happy that you could only see their mouth!

Moving on, Indian Totem Poles and Naruwan Theatre

Taking a little time to enjoy the flowers.

The Paiwan, a tribe of the aborigines. The Paiwan call themselves the "descendents of the paipushe snake". They revere the snake and, consequently, its likeness appears on Paiwan clothing and totem carvings.

The rack for the display of the eneny heads. Ceremonial racks, often situated at the entrance to a village, displayed the heads of slain enemies taken during expedition. The function of these racks includes being a warning to would-be intruders, protection against evil spirits and as an expression of respect for the life of fallen warrios. It is so, as an expression of Respect for the life of fallen warriors cause the heads of the fallen enemy warrior are collected in one place to respect for their spirits and to wish them speddy passage into heaven.

The house of Paiwan tribe.

Then it was time for the cultural performance of the Ami tribe.

After the perfomance, we made our way back to the SKYLINE to take the cable car on the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.

The Sun Moon Lake view from the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

We hardy have enough time to look around at the Station of the other side of Sun Moon Lake Ropeway and we have to take the cable car back down to the Formosan Aborigines Square to board the shuttle bus for our lunch. All we could afford is just a quick snap of the view at the station.

Once we reached the Formosan Aborigines Square, the shuttle bus is ready to send us back to the station below.

Once reached the foot-hill, some tour mates insisted to board the UFO. Both me and my sister wanted to try but was strongly banned from our dad.

For more information about the park, Na Ru Wan

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