Taiwan, Part 15 - Five Cent Driftwood Tree House, Taichung

July 19, 2011

Taichung city is in the middle of Taiwan Province. It is the third biggest city of the Province as well. Situated at the center of the Taichung Basin, west part of the Taiwan Island, Taichung City was established in Qing Dynasty, 1886 which was once the provincial capital of Taiwan.

Here at Taichung we had our dinner at a very unique restaurant. Located among the skyscrappers and the busy road is a small unique restaurant among the tall trees structured like a cave - Five Cent Drift Wood Tree House.

The setting of our table. All the tableware are stoneware. It matches the cave like restaurant where we have time travelled back to the flintstone years.

I quickly finished my meals so that I could walk around snapping the restaurant. The entrance of the restaurant, dining area of the ground level, the stairway to the upper level.

The upper level, the dining area, the view from the upper level to the ground level. There is a small pond on the lower level.

Very unique washroom too by just looking at the basin.

Doesn't it looks like a mammoth skeleton at the entrance from this side of the view?

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