Taiwan, Part 14 - Sun Moon Lake

July 17, 2011
Sun Moon Lake

The biggest fresh water lake in Taiwan - Sun Moon Lake. The lake covers an area of 793 hectares and the length of the lake is about 33 km. It is divided into two section by Lalu Island. The southern part is shaped like a new moon and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.

Bamboo rice. Savoury glutinous rice with ginko and mushroom. Tasted nice.

After our lunch at a local store we headed to the boarding area to take a romantic cruise in the lake. Along the cruise, the boatman which is actually the boss of the boat we are boarding does explain about the scenic spot in and around the lake. I did not get a word he is talking about as I am busy snapping and sitted at the outer side of the boat. Ok, lame excuse you may say. But I'm a banana after all. So it makes perfect sense if I do not understand a word he says but rather wasted I would say for not understanding.

Some stores nearby the Sun Moon Lake.

 Our next destination is Wen Wu Temple. It was pouring very heavily when we reached there. Both me and my sister could only walk till the sign which says Wen Wu Temple and we have to detour. Both of us are carrying the large camera, but both of us is only sharing an umbrella. Two of our umbrellas is already broke from all the heavy usage throughout the trip - probably because its a cheap umbrealla too.

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