Taiwan, Part 12 - Kaohsiung

July 16, 2011
Before meeting my uncle, we headed to the night market for a light snacks. Fried eryngii mushrooms and fish noodle.

Finally we are able to meet up with my uncle and his family in Taiwan! Sumptious dinner with them as well!

Stir-fried spring onion and ginger doe meat, lala, stir-fried vegetables with squid, tung poh meat with pau.

A little visitation to my uncle's brother-in-laws place. I have no idea where my cuzzies get the bubble tea from. But it is definitely the best I had so far. Smooth and strong milk tea flavour but not too over powering. The pearl are chewy and unlike those we had back home here, those pearls are still chewy even the following day! Ok, you may say that there are chemical stuff there. But hey! If I am to die after eating it.. then be it. It's not that I had it everyday. Some says Chat Time too offers mean pearl tea like such when I told them about my experience of this pearl tea. I have yet to try it though.

Ok, enough of my food stuff. We did some sight seeing with my uncle around Kaohsiung before and after dinner, in their MPV. First off, we went to see the famous Dream Mall where the ferris wheel is at the roof top of the mega mall. Dream Mall is the largest shopping mall in Taiwan and it is the 2nd largest mall in Asia. I am attracted to the blue light instead of the red ones. After Kaohsiung had the ferris wheel on the roof top, Taipei had one too. As this place is alittle out of the way, there are international hotels around as well to accomodate tourist and travellers who wishes to explore this place.

While at the area, there is several other intersting places. Such as the theme park and the  royal theatre.

After dinner, there was even more sight seeing. The only one we managed to snap is the Olympic Stadium of Kaohsiung - World Games Stadium before is started to pour. It doesn't looks like a stadium as the lights there were not on other than the few concrete column. But apparently it is one of the most stunning stadium in the world and it was designed by the japanese architect Toyo Ito. How I wish I could see the stadium again as it claimed to be. Maybe in a year time I would return and see it during the day. Moving on, there are some which we had to view from the car as it had already start pouring; like the Love Bridge, Love River and the 85-storey building; which is the tallest building in Kaohsiung also known as "Tuntex Sky Tower".

Time to bid farewell when it was minutes to 12 and we have to continue our travelling back home after stopping at Taichung and Taipei. *Sniff Sniff*

o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

Will be back to Kaohsiung in the near future. Uncle says there are alot more attactions which we had not covered. True. If it is not for my uncle and his family, we would have missed out the famous Love River, World Games Stadium and 85-Building. Wouldn't have say I had been to Kaoshiung if I had not been to this places. Like you wouldn't have been to KL if you have not been to KLCC, KL Tower or Dataran Merdeka. Same concept here . . . many more other attractions in Kaohsiung in Wikipedia.

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