Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

November 16, 2011
It will be a good way to catch up with your friends over the weekend to have a good time during the broad day light other than having a good cuppa at a nice place. According to a magazine, "Cafe Barbera started off as purveyor of gourmet Italian coffee and now have their own chain of cafes to prepare authentic Italian coffee."

Cafe Barbera was converted from one of the bungalow along Lorong Maarof. It has that warm and cozy feeling with the smell of roasted coffee bean when you enter the cafe. Just love the smell of coffee bean. They have a wide selection of Italian coffee to choose from. Other than expecting nice food, we the photo bugs of the small potato group are looking for nice presentation as well. =) We were so happy to see that the coffee does have coffee art . . . almost all . . .

Fantasy Coffee range; ROMA - RM12.00
Italian espresso, cinnamon syrup, chocolate sauce, chilled milk foam

Nice artsy decoration on the foamy Italian espresso. With a note of cinnamon taste to the tongue which lingers in the throat as well.

Double Toasted Latte - RM12.00
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Simple and yet elegant. Double toasted coffee bean with milk. Decorated with a coffee bean. Strong aromatic coffee and subtle with the milk.

Mocha Fantasy - RM12.00

This is like a fantasy of a little kid. Chocolate drink and ice-cream. This is indeed a fantasy we went through while we are enjoying the drink. Chocolate syrup and vanilla ice-cream, but it is a nice drink as chocolate mixed with coffee is very aromatic and the ice-cream added hint of sweetness to it without being too strong. Nicely done as a after meal too. =)

Vanilla Latte - RM12.00

It has the nice taste of vanilla smell and taste in the coffee which lingers in the mouth.

Classico Italiano - Cold Series, Cappucino Shakerato - RM11.00
Sweetened Italian espresso shaken with low fat milk and ice

Cappucino shake with low fat milk and ice. Sort of like cappucino ice blended milk shake. With a little of chocolate syrup at the side of the cup for decoration and also to add in the chocolate taste to the coffee to enhance the sweetness of the coffee. Decorated with a simple coffee bean, very cooling drink for a hot day.

Salmon Aglio Olio - RM29.00
Pan fried salmon fillet topped with homemade caper sauce on bed of spaghetti aglio olio.

Nicely done with salmon fillet on the aglio olio spaghetti. With a little creamy and peppery hot... very nice balance.

There is also sun dried tomatoes in there too . . .

Hawaiian Seafood Pizza - RM28.00
Topped with tomato sauce, prawn, squid, mussels, pineapple and mozzarella cheese.

The pizza is very nice.. thin crust, cheesy and with lots of ingredients too! Look at the amount of pineapples and cheese there. With freshly ground pepper, the pizza is more fragrant and more aromatic.

Morsels, prawns and squid in the pizza are cut into bite size.

The set comes with a drink and a side dish. Soup of the day, which happens to be the mushroom soup comes with a piece of garlic bread. With lots of mushroom in it, the mushroom soup is very nice.

We also have the salad. With carrots, cherry tomatoes, romaine and purple lettuce. Hearty and healthy starter with sour cream salad mix to whet our appetite.

Cream of Pumpkin - Rm13.00
Homemade cream of pumpkin soup with roasted garlic.

Ling ling ordered pumpkin soup too. The soup is creamy and thick; it comes with two slices of lightly toasted garlic bread. With cream and herbs, the soup is very satisfying.

o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

Tiramisu - RM12.00

The set comes with a dessert. And our dessert of the day is the Tiramisu.

Good food and good company - the best combination!

Cafe Barbera
18 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
T : 603-2287 3628
E :
Business Hours : 9am-11pm

Patronize : 16.09.2011 / Friday

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