Dad's Birthday Celebration

January 15, 2011
Time for another celebration, dad's birthday! We had the cake for him on the day of his birthday and our dinner celebration on that weekend.

We wanted to have our dinner at the Fatty Crab in Mayang, however, it was full and there are many people waiting for tables. Hence, we had our dinner at PJ Seafood Tropicana.

Egg for all of us, since there is no red egg for him.

Braised pork belly, Tung Poh Yuk. The dish serves with big large braised peanuts. Mum loves the peanuts. Of course, the mantau to wrap with the meat and sauce.

We save half of the mantau for this dish as well! Lai Yau Cheese aka Butter Cheese in wet version. The sauce goes very well with the mantau. Cheesy and buttery... and of course fattening. But the crab isn't to our fancy. It tasted like it had been in the freezer for some time - "freezer taste" and soft.

The damage, RM260.00

PJ Seafood Restaurant
Impanan Talian Electrik KPG Cempaka
(just outside Tropicana Golf Club)

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