Medan, Part 1 - Pematang Siantar

July 14, 2013
Upon arrival at the Polonia Airport, Medan Indonesia we were greeted by our local tour guide and was shown to our bus. The Polonia Airport is quite small and it is just a few meters walks from the plane to the immigration counter. After the immigration office, our hand luggage was scanned again before we collect our checked-in luggage. It was a long queue to the counter itself . . . this reminded me of the entrance to Macau last year.

After we boarded the bus, which was relatively small compare to our tour buses. The bus just manage to fit all 37 of us without any extra seats and the space for baggage is way too small as there are at least 6 luggage are place behind our seats and on the pathway.

We were given a box of 'snacks' for breakfast and a bottle of water each. Inside the snack box are 4 pieces of kuih consisting of a piece of layer cake, honey cake and two other local kuih.

It was two - three hours drive from Medan to Pematang Siantar. Most of us All of us doze off on the way after the tour guided gave a short explanatory of the Medan town and after our breakfast from the 'snack box' provided.

Our destination at Pematang Siantar, the Paten which sells their popular snacks made from peanut. Very funny syllabus for its products . . . Ting Ting, Tong Tong, Pong Pong, Ping Ping, Ak-Am and ect.

Smiling faces after the first shopping spree with the goods!

Uncle and Aunt with their goods

Aunt and Aunt Lay Yeen

Mum and Sis especially happy with the goods ~ worth few thousands! (rupiah)

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