Restoran Thong Lok, Tanjung Tualang

February 08, 2012
Its the Chinese New Year!! We went back to Ipoh on the second day of Chinese New Year for visiting and day trip. As usual, Tanjung Tualang will be our place for lunch when we goes back to Ipoh. The restaurant which we patron last year was full and only for reservation. Left with no choice, we went to our second option. The restaurant in which our aunt had brought us there many years back.

We were very hungry as we left KL very early that morning with only light breakfast. The place was packed and we very lucky indeed when we were given a private room for our lunch as there was seven of us.

Taufu - RM9.00

The tauhu is slightly fried and cooked with gravy after that. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. On the top of the tauhu is the fried small anchovies and shallots. Not too bad.

Ostrich with Ginger and Spring Onion - RM14.00

The colour and the smell of the dish is very appetizing. However, we find it rather overcooked on the meat. The meat is quite tough and there were burn on the meat as well. Presume it got to be that the cook are rushing through the orders.

Fu Yu Char Yuk - RM15.00

The signature dish as they says. This is quite new and unique. The meat are well marinated with nam yu and it is fried till golden brown.

Stir-fry Kailan Fah - RM10.00

Steam Prawns - RM75.00

Fresh water prawns which are steamed. These prawns are at its best when its at its medium size and its even better when its fresh!

Steam Fish - RM47.30

The fish is quite a disappointment when it is quite small relatively for seven person. The fish has a muddy taste to it which is bad. But the fish can still consider quite fresh if takes the long weekend to consideration.

Total Damage : RM185.20

Restaurant Thong Lok, 同乐海鲜酒家
9, Jalan Pasar,
31800 Tanjong Tualang,
Perak Darul Ridzuan
T : 05 - 360 7921
M : 016 - 534 8228

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