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December 03, 2011
Onde Onde . . . it is a rather strange name for a restaurant. It reminds me of the soft chewy kuih filled with sweet gula Melaka when it was bitten into it – sort of like the Malay siao long bao. Packing up and leaving the office as punctual as we are hoping that we could to get to Desa ParkCity on time. Braving the traffic congestion from work, we were late for our appointment of which we took 40 minutes.

Before we enter the restaurant of for our dinner, we took a quick snap of the signage at the entrance.

The interior of the restaurant brought back the nostalgic feel of the Nyonya Restaurant. With its antique china on the wall, the stone table and the colourful decorated stool it does brought the feeling of being transported back to the past where you can enjoy a good nice cup of coffee with some friends while chatting after a good long day at work.

“I hope you are hungry, we have lots of food for you.” said the person in-charge to us when we seated at the table. Was I glad to hear that! My tummy is growling from the light lunch I had earlier that day and the heavy traffic we went through. Being a great host, we were introduced and briefed of each food when it was served.

Kopi - RM2.80 (Hot) / RM2.90 (Cold) 

The aromatic smell of the coffee was coming to the table. So invigorating that I could not help to steal a few sips of the drink, taking the chance that I could not fall asleep at night. We were told that the coffee powders used are from Ipoh itself to maintain its originality of the coffee as possible. The cups are warm even after we took all the time we need to take the picture – this shows that the cup are very warm when the drink was made. That is a plus point to me. Just like how the kopitiam would do in my grand-pa’s time.

Japanese Cucumber Sour Plum Juice - RM5.90

After travelling back to the old time, we were brought back with this refreshing and thirst quenching drink. The plum in the drink added a very flavourful taste to the strong green vegetable taste. This is very creative though.

Grilled Toast with Homemade Duck Egg Kaya & Butter - RM2.80
Kaya - mixture of duck egg & chicken egg, gula melaka, pandan leaf...

The smell of toast filled the air. Bingo! We had this grilled toast with butter and homemade kaya using duck egg. I remember my mum says that using duck egg to make the kaya will be more aromatic and smoother compare to normal chicken egg (I am no expert here, but I tried my hand on Kaya making a few weeks back). The toast was finished in no time!

Pulut Panggang - RM2.80

There were a few variety of kuih muih available. Pulut Pangang and onde onde was the selected items. Pulut pangang is glutinous rice stuffed with slightly spiced dried shrimp and grated coconut, wrapped in a banana leave and grilled to perfection – very flavourful.

Onde onde - RM3.80

Onde onde, finally it is here. Covered in a fragrant grated coconut, the onde onde is chewy on the outside and sweet with Malacca palm sugar on the inside. I find the onde onde skin a little too thick and hard. Probably from the amount of air-cond it was getting while we were snapping away. The stores serve up to 20 types of Nyonya kuih everyday and they are all freshly made so they try not to keep any of the kuih overnight.

Signature Assam Laksa - RM9.90

The asam laksa is very appetizing. The soup is just nice and with mackerel, neither too spicy nor too acidic for me. One can add in the shrimp sauce to the soup to your personal liking. But I find the soup too salty after adding in the sauce. I still like it as it is appetizing enough to start with.

Penang 'Chee Cheong Fun' with 'Har Gou' (Prawn Paste) - RM6.90

I usually have my chee cheong fun plain and only with light soya sauce as I do not fancy prawn paste too much. But this dish is unexpectedly good.

The prawn paste is not too salty and thick enough to cling on to the noodles. The chee cheong fun with the sauce and the sesame seed cling onto it you can taste the sweetness of the sauce and the slippery noodle.

To add a little kick to the chee cheong fun, the spicy anchovies sambal will do the trick.

Prawn Mee (Mee Yoke) - RM9.90

That is how Penangite called a prawn mee I suppose. It has a deliciously thick taste of shrimp in the soup. I don’t quite fancy yellow noodles on its own, but the condiments of half egg, prawns, spinach, chicken meat and bean sprout that came in the soup compensated it.

Combo B : Special Fried Rice + Curry Laksa - RM15.90

Consisting two mini dishes and serves with appetizer and onde onde dessert. You can try out two dishes at one go.

The curry laksa is very creamy with coconut milk. It has quite a lot of condiment for such a small bowl, with prawns, long bean, beancurd puff (tauhu pok) and bean sprouts.

As for the special fried rice, it is very tasty and serves two prawns and some omelet. However, the texture of the rice is a little hard for me.

Signature Onde Onde Durian Dessert - RM7.90

The D24 durian flesh loaded cendol is sweet and refreshing. With its coconut milk, Malacca palm sugar, grass jelly and Malacca slippery cendol is just the thing to end the night.

Sago Gula Melaka - RM4.90

Besides the durian dessert, the local dessert is also served. The sago Malacca is laden with coconut milk and palm sugar. This dessert is not too sweet as the coconut milk harmonizes the sweet palm sugar with the chewy texture of the sago.

Onde Onde
GF-3A Ground Floor, Waterfront @ Parkcity,
No.5, Persiaran Residen, Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T : 03-6280 7419
Business Hours : 9am-10pm

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