3 Days at Singapore - Day 3

May 29, 2011
Day 3
It was 0600 when it was time to wake up by the sound of ringing phone of the morning call. By 0800 we were heading out for breakfast at the old airport road food court. Both me and mum had fish ball noodle soup for breakfast.

By 0853 we were heading towards Marina Bay Sands for photography and gambling luck (for some). The Marina Bay Sands was open last June by the Las Vegas sands. It has three building with 53 floors, a sky garden  which charges 20SGD to enter. The building is valued at a 8 billion which consist of  a casino, hotel, exhibition hall, and commercial area. The casino has three levels; smoking, non-smoking, and VIP.

The water features were taken from the commercial area at the Marina Bay Sands. It looks like a flushing system. Only that this is from the worm's view of the flushing system.

At the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The smell of continental breakfast is so welcoming. I'm starting to crave for a nice cuppa!

We headed to Chinatown for lunch and last minute shopping before leaving home to KL after spending two hours at Marina Bay Sands.

Structure at the traffic stop.
The temple at Chinatown. It is also known as Niu Che Shui (牛车水). The name was from the early days of Singapore when people living and working in the area relied on bullock cart for the transportation  of water when there was no water supply.

After light shopping of getting towels and floor mat from the Chinatown which is famous for. We heads on for lunch. We went to a mini food court for lunch. Chicken feet lotus root and Bitter Gourd soup and as for our main dish, Chicken Chop and Chicken & Sausage Combo (SGD10.50) from Astons Express.

The chicken is tender and juicy! This is better than our normal food court food.

Aston Express
Blk 5, M 01-92,
Banda Street,
Singapore, 050005
T : +(65) 6224 6523

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