3 Days at Singapore - Day 1

May 29, 2011
Labor day holiday is around the corner and I am looking forward to some excitement over the long weekend holiday. It was then few days before the departure, and mum came to tell me that she has included me into her company sports club trip to Singapore as her colleague has to withdraw from the trip as her dad had just passed away. The trip was partly sponsored and I'm only paying RM300 for the trip which includes transport (bus), lunches and accommodation for three days two nights stay.

It was as early as 0600 that we have to be gathered at the office to depart to Singapore. There were two buses to accommodate all the participating Quill sports club staff. Met with the local guide here and she introduced herself as "9 Thousand" - 9k??

Finally by 0645 Bus A departed ahead of Bus B from the office towards Singapore after 15 minutes delay and some hassle. Of course I'm seated in Bus A with my mum! At 0730 we stopped over at the Seremban stopover for breakfast which most of us had not had any breakfast from the early gathering. The stopover is full of people, we hardly could get a seat. We then opted to go to a cafe in the stop for breakfast. Food and beverages are more expensive compared to the stalls but there were seat! After 40 minutes of stopover for breakfast and waiting for Bus B to arrive we continue our journey. Another stopover at Gelang Patah for lunch (KFC) before we enter Singapore.

Wohoo!! Singapore here we come!! It has been years since the last time I went Singapore. I am as excited as a kid again. . . though Singapore is just a neighboring country. First trip out of the country for the year. . . still as excited!

By 1355 we were passing the Singapore Immigration. It was a long queue, 20 minutes to get to the counter and have my passport stamped. It was quarter pass two when all of us finally managed to pass through. The guide 9k suggested that we check into our hotel and rest as there will be program tonight after dinner. Budget hotel at Geylang and along that road itself there are numerous Hotel 81! Our hotel.. erm... Hotel 81 Orchid. The lobby itself couldn't accommodate all of us in the two buses! Our room.. our "parking bay" for two night.

We walked around a little in Geylang before returning to the hotel to freshen up for our assembly to go for our dinner at 1630. By 1750 we were leaving the hotel to the restaurant. 9k had organize for us to have Mongolian Barbeque dinner. Our bus driver lost his way around town, and we came to this Istana Park to wait for direction from the other bus driver.

Finally we reached the restaurant at six-ish. The restaurant was located at a mall opposite the Fort Canning Park. It was a buffet style dinner with fusion food served.

The main attraction is the Mongolian Noodles where they uses the large hot flat pan to barbeque the meat, vegetables and noodles using long chopsticks in a quick stir-fry motion. The food could be served in a short time as the hot pan is really hot.

Picture adapted from http://pachome2.pacific.net.sg/~mongolianbbq/index.html

After dinner, while walking towards our bus managed to get a few snaps for memory. ♥

After filling up the hungry tummy, we head off to for our first program of the night. Night cruise! Watching the sun setting by the river and viewing the Marina bays from the river is beautiful. Wishes that the boat would go slower so that I can enjoy the view.

Our next destination, Singapore Night Safari! It was almost eight when we reached. Wow, the safari is full of people as well. Wonder would it be more people vs animal in there. The place was too dark for pictures. Only managed to snap a few at the entrance which is brighter and no flash photography inside when viewing the animals. We sat on a tramp to move around the safari, and of course you can opt to walk in the safari as well. But following a tour, we have enough time to do all that. We were back at the entrance hall when it started to drizzle.

Its 2300 when we leave the night safari to go back to the hotel. It would be a long day tomorrow...

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