3 Days at Singapore - Day 2

May 29, 2011
It was 0645 when the phone rang for morning call while I was in the shower. It was cloudy with light rain through out the day. Today we are going to the Sentosa Island! Boy it will be a whole day event. Both me and my mum did not buy any tickets for any entrance as we were open for more options and not being tied down as most importantly we were afraid of having to queue for long as its the long weekend. So our top option of the day . . . shopping!

It was 0752 when we departed from the hotel for breakfast at a food court near the old bus terminal. We had their local food of fish ball dried noodle - SGD3. It was relatively cheap if we did not convert the currency.

After breakfast, we proceed to the Sentosa Island. It is a total difference from what I remembered the last time I was set foot in Sentosa! It has been ages since then . . . 18 years probably!

We took the Skyride (SGD12 for two ways) to Imbiah Lookout point getting a scenic view of the Sentosa Island while waiting for lunch time.

We took the bus to the Underwater World to check out the price and the time of the event there. . . but the slots is too near to our lunch. After taking a few shots we then left the place to get back to the Skyride to get to lunch.

It was after lunch and we were quite bored lingering around Sentosa Island, we decided to go Vivo City for some shopping. But before we leave for Vivo we wandered to the 'shopping area' in Sentosa where I came to see this candy shops decorated with various shapes and sizes of candies. It sure does made you feel like a kid!

At Vivo City, there is a deck where you can walk out. There you can get a nice view of the Sentosa Island. It was here I see the last christmas decoration of the snowman right under the hot sun!

By 1700 my body started to ache from all the walking and carrying the heavy load of camera. I was imaging the hotel bed already by 1730 when I started to persuade my mum to get back to the hotel when her feet started to hurt from the walking. We then took the MRT to Kallang and took the cab 'home' when my mum's colleague (who is back at the hotel at 1400 and had a nap) called us to ask us to join them for Bak Kut Teh for dinner. After dinner we head back to the hotel. It was 2100 and we decided to call it a day!

The Klang style bak kut teh is good - not sure was it because I'm really starving. But comment from my mum's colleague are that its good too. I was too hungry and tired to take any picture of the food we ate. Instead here is a shot of the restaurant the next day before leaving home to KL.

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