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June 30, 2012
I had heard of this restaurant for some time. Finally, I was jumping for joy when I was extended the invitation to join my fellow friends on this review which I was just aired on the recent Ho Chak! episode on 8TV introducing Little Pantry.

Headed by Chef Andrew Seah, with more than 25 years of experience in restaurant, Chef Andrew is delighting food aficionados with an array of tantalizing European and Asian cuisines with his good balance of Europe and Asian menu to appeal to all food revelers. With great pleasure we were presented with some of his amazing food . . .

──────────────────── APPETIZER ────────────────────

Wild mushroom soup – RM9.90
Combination of mushrooms from fresh wild mushrooms.

We started the meal with a hot soup of wild mushroom soup which is a combination of diced 5 varieties of fresh wild mushrooms of and onions. The soup if sweet and flavorful from the fresh mushrooms ingredients used. There are tiny bite sized mushrooms which you could bite into, a little different from the normal cream of mushroom which was served. The soup is served with a swirl of cream to make the soup a little creamy of the otherwise chunky soup.

Portobello Mushroom Salad – RM12.90
Combination of grilled potatoes, fresh green salad as well as balsamic vinegar. Mushroom are well marinated and roasted to perfection.

A healthier fare of starter, Portobello Mushroom salad is combination of grilled potatoes with fresh green salad with balsamic vinegar and not forgetting the main star of the dish – perfectly marinated and roasted Portobello mushroom! Sliced roasted mushroom and placed neatly at the top of the salad, made the dish appetizing enough with the variety of colours in it.

Tomato Bruschetta - RM9.90
Classic appetizers from the Spanish tapas selection. Served with chopped ripe plum tomatoes with basil, black pepper as well as olive oil.

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with diced ripe tomatoes mixed with basil and olive oil with a little cheese for the extra taste as well as garnishing. This is delicious appetizer is the safest finger food anyone can go wrong. But I think either the garlic or spicy red pepper on this is a little too much for my taste, as I find it a little spicy but the bread is perfectly toasted.

──────────────────── MAINS COURSE ────────────────────

Andrew Special – Seasonal Price
Chef specialty, the tender juicy chicken meat is grilled and served with cheese and mango.

Andrew Special, the chef’s specialty. Created by the man himself, this tender chicken meat is grilled to perfection topped with cheese and a generous amount of mushroom onion sauce. It doesn’t end there; the special part is that in between the tender chicken meat is the ripe mango meat. I love mangoes; and this dish with the mango in between the meat is surprising. It is like the cordon bleu chicken where we could usually get with the stuffed ham and cheese in the meat. This you have the succulent mango which surprisingly goes with the chicken meat.

Pan Seared Chicken Chop – RM18.90
Pan-seared wholesome chicken thigh till golden brown and topped with mushroom sauce and serves with fries, garden greens and mushroom sauce.

Succulent chicken thigh pan seared till golden brown. Marinated chicken meat with generous amount of mushroom sauce is flavorful and stronger in taste in comparison to the Andrew’s Special.

Pan Seared Air Flown Norwegian Salmon – RM26.90
Norwegian Salmon grilled, tossed with oven baked tomatoes side with fresh Asian green and infused with balsamic

Grilled to perfection with its crispy skin and juicy meat topped with tomato salsa sauce and served with garden greens and mash potatoes. Having eaten the belly part of the fish, the crispy skin and the succulent oil of the fish just melted in the mouth; just perfectly grilled. The fish which was infused with balsamic doesn’t empower the original taste of the fish and yet it complimented the taste and the salsa sauce gave the fish a slight tinge of citrus taste.

Nasi Bojari – RM18.00
Side with squid and prawn sambal accompanied with a whole chicken chop leg, side with salsa.

This dish, which origins from Indonesia was meant for the royalty. Though I have not set foot to Indonesia for this dish, Little Pantry did whip up this dish with great taste. The rice itself tasted great even on its own without the sides. Serves with a generous portion of whole very well marinated chicken thigh, squid and prawn sambal, some salsa and half salted egg. This dish does really looks meant for a royalty indeed.

Penang Kuay Teow – RM9.90
Duck egg fried kuay teow. With cockles, fresh prawns and bean sprouts.

This dish needs no introduction. As the piping hot dish was served, the smell is tantalizing enough to cause salivating. I might be exaggerated a little, but the smell did cause some secretion of saliva with the duck egg used. It is that duck egg has smoother consistency and tastier compare to the chicken egg; with the usage of duck egg to fried this dish, this dish not only smell nice but the texture of the dish is richer in taste. With fresh cockles, fresh prawns and bean sprouts, one do not have to go all the way to Penang for this dish.

──────────────────── SWEET ENDING ────────────────────

Petite four cake
1pc : RM2.50, 6pcs : RM13.00, 12pcs : RM24.00

Sponge Cake

Chocolate Brownie
Image courtesy by MyFoodNTravelDiary

Peanut Butter Sponge Cake

Little Pantry’s Favourite
Tiramisu in glass – RM14.90
Dark chocolate and Espresso coffee

Rich chocolate taste with generous sprinkle of chocolate powder. This Italian dessert is rich and has a smooth texture of the whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese.

Crème Brulee with Vanilla Pod – RM12.90
Rich vanilla custard base with a layer of lightly brown caramel.

A French classic dessert, rich vanilla custard topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. This dessert is not overly sweet with its caramel. Would recommend to share this dessert with your loved ones as it way too rich to put into your tummy after the generous amount of food in one serving Little Pantry serves your.

Peach and apple crumble with chocolate and vanilla sauce – RM12.90
Served with chocolate and vanilla sauce.

The Apple and Peach Crumble is baked with fresh Granny Smith green apples, flavored in vanilla and layered with peaches and pastry cream. Creatively served in a cognac glass is another sweet and rich dessert to be shared.

─────────────────────── DRINKS ───────────────────────

Capel – RM19.90
Mixture of 6 carrots and 6 apples

Fruit juice is common, even apple carrot juice. But, what about a big goblet which looks like punch bowl of fruit juice for 4 persons? This Capel drink which consist of 6 carrots and 6 apples , which serves for 4 person are neatly garnishes with cherries, sliced apples, julienned carrots and ice cubes. One bowl of healthy drink!

Infused Coffee - RM18.90
With selection of Frangelico, Kahlua, jameson, Baileys Irish cream.

Baileys Irish Cream


Topped with cream. (whipped or fresh)
It is brewed strong espresso coffee with frangelico liquer which has a hazelnut flavor.

─────────────────── A LOOK AROUND ───────────────────

With its unique atmosphere for dining, Little Pantry enhances the enjoyment of their cuisine by transporting diners to a European cottage with its bright courtyard garden. Its European home cottage is fresh, clean, cozy and comfy.

The whole restaurant is dominated with white and contrasted tastefully with the soft baby pink color which all girls would like. It also relaxes one mood in a comfortable and happy ambience.

The main dining hall or ‘Courtyard’, lies a centerpiece of a white Juniper tree surrounded by unique curved banquette dining seating. This area also serves as a main function area for booking of 100 pax.

Image courtesy by MyFoodNTravelDiary

The ‘Garden’ area is themed to replicate a cottage garden area. Patrons seated at the ‘garden’ area can enjoy the scrumptious desserts and drinks offered at Little Pantry.

The ‘Living Room’ are typifies a cottage living area with its center piece fireplace, themed furniture and bookshelves filled with reading materials. It is normally used for birthdays or themed parties for kids and families not more than 60 pax.

The most unique section of Little Pantry is the ‘Chef’s Choice’ or ‘Omakase’ dining area. The ‘Omakase’ area serves food and recipes courses in accordance to Little Pantry’s head chef, Chef Andrew Seah’s concoction of the day.

From the outer side of the mall

Little Pantry
G02 & G18 Ground Floor,
IOI Mall Puchong, Bandar Puchong,
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong,
Puchong, Malaysia, 47100
T : +603 8070 8527
M : +6012 7698 672
E :
FB :

Business Hour : Mon - Sun; 11:00am - 11:00pm

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