Coconut Jam aka Kaya

December 27, 2011
It was in a gathering and my friend told me how much she like my kaya which I had given her months ago. Then my other friend who is at the gathering was staring at me and says... you what? you cook?

Well I do admit I am not a good cook and I don't go around boasting about what I have cooked. Then she asked me why she wasn't given the Kaya. So I decided to make another batch since the Kaya at home is finished.

Method :
  1. Boil water in a larger pot, ready to have the kaya double boil from that pot.
  2. Mix egg and santan into a smaller pot for double boil away from the fire
  3. Pour in santan after the mixture is well mixed
  4. Put into the double boiler and stir the mixture occasionally, so that it will not stick to the bottom and burn
  5. As the mixture started to thicken, put in the shredded pandan leaves.
  6. Cook till the mixture thickens and sticks or drips in a satisfactory texture from the utensil of your stirrer.

Cool and store in clean and dry air tight bottle and refrigerate. It can store up to a month or two or even more.

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