Chan Kee Restaurant, Sauk Perak

December 26, 2011
This is the second visit to Sauk. The first time was a year or so (here) when I was on the way back from Bentong, Thailand. This time around, it was the purpose of going to Ipoh in the first place. My cousin invited us to go to Sauk when she know that both my parents especially my dad loves fish.

This time there is so many of us, 3 kids and 8 adults. We had an all fish feast at the restaurant that day! We had 7 fish dishes and a stir-fry vegetable.

Bitter gourd with fish paste, 苦瓜鱼滑 - RM24.00

This is their famous dish of stir fry of the bitter gourd with fish paste. Not too bitter and the fish paste is slightly sweet from the freshness.

Stir-fry vegetables - RM9.00

Steam Patin (Silver Catfish), 清蒸巴丁鱼 - RM59.00

The fishes are relatively fresh as it all has a slight tinge of sweetness and bounciness from the meat.

Steam Lim Fish, 清蒸念鱼 - RM59.00

Cheong Jing fish stomach, 酱蒸西刀鱼腩 - RM66.00

This is best to go with rice. The kids loved this dish so much. Apparently all the sauces were gone to their plates.

Steam Pak Sou Kong (Cat fish), 清蒸白须公 - RM59.00

Parang Fish Fishball, 西刀鱼丸 - RM12.00

Steam Sultan Fish, 酱蒸苏丹鱼 - RM114.00

The Sultan Fish, also called Mad Barb or Jelawat in Malay is a fish species native to northern Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo.

Then entire meal for the day inclusive of tea and rice are RM415.00

Thanks to my friend for providing me with the Chinese. Love you... Muaks ~~

Chan Kee Restaurant
Kampung Baru Sauk 33500
Kuala Kangsar, Perak
T: 05 - 751 122X (the stamp on the receipt was distorted)

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