Road Trip to Betong, Thailand

December 31, 2010
Looking forward to a break and an adventure of driving up to Thailand, Betong.

Half day work on Thursday to get home to pack my luggage. Anticipating the road trip up north the following day. Had all the luggage packed into my car and the car registration card ready. Dad, aunt and me bunked up into the car and off we went to PJ to pick mum from work. Going up to PJ during after work is a nightmare! Anyway, mum got off work on time and we headed off to Ipoh to stay a night before heading to Betong.

Reached Ipoh at around 9-ish. Had some food before going to my grandma's. Retired to bed early as we got to get up real early the next day to meet up with dad's friends at Simpang Pulai Rest House. He will be leading the way up.

0615 - Gets off bed, taking turn to use the bathroom
0705 - Ready to go out for breakfast
0800 - Was on the way to Simpang Pulai Rest House to meet the rest of the group.
0930 - Departed from the rest house to Betong after the others freshen up.
1100 - Gerik. Had something light (tea break) before continuing our journey. Lunch will be late they say.
1147 - Finally in Betong! Immigration was a breeze, filling up forms and lined up for stamping.
Noon - Light lunch at the stalls near the hotel. Forgot what time was it. We initially wanted to go to this famous and recommended store but they had finished with the beef balls. With a growling stomach, we start off looking for another shop selling beef noodle . . .

After Lunch (Noon) - We checked into our hotel. We requested for separate bed while others prefer to have large queen size bed. I feel its a little inconvenient as I am sharing with my aunt. I do not want to wake her in her slumber from my 'kungfu' sleep.

1400 - Met at the lobby to head up to Piyamitra Village I for late lunch dinner.

Pak Cheok Har | Lala | Sheung Tong Lala

Stir Fried Vegetable | Steam Fish | Steam Chicken

Little Friends I Meet There

Beauty of Nature - The Flora

Piyamit I - Friendship town | Lorry is the transport for tourist to go up there | Restaurant we had our Lunch - Dinner

1800 - returning to the hotel
1900 - walked the night market nearby
2200 - Good night!

- Day 2 -
0615 - Alarm set off. Time to get off the bed! I'm a sucker for waking up early. Dragging myself to the bathroom. Got to get ready early for breakfast as we will be going somewhere else after our breakfast.
0730 - Breakfast time! Yummy... time for some dim sum.
Dim sums display are raw, steam upon ordering. Therefore you get piping hot dim sum serve to you.

Chee Cheong Fun | Dim Sum | Chinese Tea

Siew Mai | Stuffed Bitter Gourd | Stuffed Tauhu

Destination, the communist museum. It is traveling to a new part of the communist area. Quite far from the Piyamit Tunnel, we used to go. We got lost along the way. The Thais are so kind to bring us to there when we lost our way. It was an adventurous journey to go this new place, lots of steep uphill and down hill. The Hilux looks easy manoeuvering these obstacles. Unbelievable is the small car which leads us, moves much faster than the Hilux! And we're left far behind smelling the fumes of the fast cars.

Fruits are in season when we were in Betong. You see lots of durian trees along the way with fruits on the branches. Petai hanging from the trees on the road side. Locals are harvesting the fruit from the tree to earn their living. Longgong, duku langsat which I think the local there called it. It's juicy and yummy. That's our dessert for three days after dinner. Not to mention durians is part of the meal too!
Petai | Durian | Longgong

Durians on tree | Truck full of durians

Noon - Lunch
Dry noodles with char siu and their famous betong Chicken. Pretty small dish for a handsome price of RM50

After our lunch its time for more shopping. Near the market place, there are plenty of shops and stalls selling various things. Stuff toys selling from the vendor. Assorted fruits and vegetables.

Time flies, and its dinner time! Grape Walls Ice-cream as the appetizer! We only have Kiwi and strawberry. They have grape flavour in Betong! New item for dinner is the kau yuk.

- Day 3 -
Breakfast before leaving Betong. Here we went to the famous shop where we missed out on our first day in Betong. Start waiting for them to start the business since 7 am. They start at 8 am. One hour we went shopping for durian dodol. After breakfast, we had last minute shopping getting more snacks. And head back to the hotel to pack up. Leaving Betong bout 10 am to head to Gerik.

Beef noodle soup | Betong Chicken

On the way back to Ipoh we drop by Sauk for fresh water fish.
Bitter Gourd stir fry fish paste | Stir fry vegetable

Steam Fish Belly with Bean Sauce | Steam Fish - Tuk Muk Lei

At Ipoh, before coming home to KL. Drop by at my grandma's to have a dinner gathering with a few of my aunt and grandma.
Prawn with cabbage | Steam Chicken | Hakka Tauhu

Cabbage with mushroom and dried shrimp

It is definitely a fat trip!

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