Celebration at Sushi Zanmai, 1 Utama

November 02, 2011
The "Small Potatoes" of the company decided to throw our colleague and boss a birthday bash in courtesy for being in colleagues and especially to our boss for being a 'nice' boss at his favourite restaurant - Sushi Zanmai.

For the number of us who attended the dinner, we took three tables. And each table had their own order of food. I was seated just with the rest of the company's photographer. Too bad for my other colleague who is not a photographer. He had to wait for us done photographing before he can indulge in his dinner . . . :D

Potato Mayo : RM4.80 - Potato mayonnaise salad.

Mashed potatoes and with pieces of potatoes mixed with mayonnaise and other small pieces of cucumber for a crunchier bite. Also with tobikko as garnishing.

Unadon : RM28.80 (large) - Roasted eel on rice

Pieces of teriyaki eel on rice served with pickled ginger. One of my all-time favourite dish.

Kakiage Don : RM8.80 - Fried prawn and vegetable on rice

Prawn and vegetables fritter with sweet sauce with seaweed on rice. Sweet and crunchy at the same time while enjoying the rice set.

Garlic rice : RM7.80 - Pan-fried garlic rice

Fragrantly fried garlic rice with egg and shallots.

Grilled Saba Fish -

Cutlet of Saba fish grilled with sprinkle of salt till the skin is crispy.

House Specialty
Caterpillar Roll : RM12.80 - Roaster eel and omelette sushi roll topped with avocado

Roasted eel and omelette roll into a sushi. Topped with slices of creamy avocado and black sesame seed. Served with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

Shishamo : RM4.80 - Grilled smelt

These tiny fellas are grilled to perfection with sprinkle of salt. With a squeeze of lemon juice, you can eat the entire fish even its bones.

Cranky Salmon Maki : RM6.80 - Salmon with shrimp roe and bonito flakes

Salmon sushi roll with shrimp roll and garnished with bonito flakes.

Nabemono & Wanmono
Chawanmushi : RM4.80 - Steamed egg custard

Smooth steam egg with mushroom at its bottom.

Hotate Teriyaki : RM9.80 - Skewered scallop grilled with teriyaki sauce

These skewered scallop grilled with teriyaki sauce.

Macha Monaka : RM8.00 - Green tea wafer ice cream with red bean

Green tea ice-cream and red bean sandwiched in a wafer.

Yukimi Daifuku : RM8 - Vanilla ice cream wrapped in rice skin

Vanilla ice-cream wrapped in a thin rice skin. Looks like a snow skin mooncake.

Finally! The birthday cake for both the birthday "boys".

Sushi Zanmai
2nd Floor (New Wing),
1 Utama Shopping Mall,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
T  & F : 03 - 7724 2030
Business Hours : Sun - Thurs 10am - 10pm ; Fri - Sat : 10am - 10:30pm

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