Medan, Part 9 – Simarjarunjung

March 03, 2014
Leaving the Samosir Island we went through lush greenery and plantations of coffee and fruits we came up to a hill top of a place where Pisang Goreng (Banana fritters) and Teh Halia (Ginger tea) is their specialty. When we reached, there were a few locals enjoying their snacks there too.

Though it was mentioned that the banana fritters are on own expenses, our generous group leader bought each of us a piece of it. My sister asked for a second. Well, could not even have a snap of the fritters before my sister fought her way with that piece. Don't quite remember the price of the banana fritters but I remembered that it wasn't cheap. But with the view... I'll just give in.

Very aromatic when you smell it, it really did warmed our cold body from the cooling weather there. The ginger tea is very strongly flavored with serai (lemongrass), kayu manis (cinnamon), herbs and spices. Not everyone would love it as the taste of herbs and spice are so extreme that you would actually spit it out if you dislike the taste of it. And the ginger; I think they used old ginger as its quite 'hot'. The drink is sweeten with gula malaka.

Smiling faces with the hot ginger tea. Wasn't sure if they are really enjoying the drink or that are just posing out of courtesy. ^.^

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