Trusting Again

By jo.yean - November 10, 2013

I had once told someone... "Please be careful with my heart as its labelled fragile. Once its broken it will never be the same again. Bumped and scratched it may have for all the years it had been through. But please be careful not to break it." - this is the trust I place unto that person. Yet it was dropped and broken . . .

Today I stumble across a site "In Which We Start Anew" on Trusting Again. Excerpt as follows :
Placing Trust in New People
This is a whole different thing. I don't have quite as much to say about it, but I think it's important, too. You have to remember that not all people are the same. I know you've been hurt before. I know it makes you scared of trusting anyone again. I get that. But, understand that not everyone is like the person that hurt you. The fact that you were hurt before doesn't determine what you endure in the future. It's frightening to risk it. I know. If you risk nothing, then nothing can be taken from you, right? But, if you risk nothing, nothing is exactly what you will receive when it comes to love and friendship and support, too. I don't know how to tell you what to do to make it easier. This kind of trust is a choice, too. Choosing to step over your fears to embrace the "what-ifs" is scary. But, not everyone is here to hurt you. There are so many who would love to love you, and are just waiting for you to let them in. 
How true it is. Totally in a dilemma in trusting someone new again . . . what-ifs. But its not getting me anywhere with all the distrust towards the new people. I am shunning everyone out of my life/ Moving on is easy to say. Going out now with someone new had made me feel uncomfortable with the idea. Opportunity and chances are gone as not everyone would understand the dilemma I am going through. Fighting each battle with my own emotion to reach out to someone. Same old thing each would tell you. "I am sincere", "I am different" . . . but how many will actually show their sincerity? Regaining the confidence of trusting someone new is totally an emotional battle. How many would understand the battle I have to go through?

But how would someone be able to prove themselves rite as being sincere and different if they were not given the chance to? It comes down to trusting all the same. If I could trust again to let someone prove themselves instead of having me shunning them out without giving them a chance to prove themselves. I had already sentenced someone without having judged... which is totally unfair. But how can I battle my emotion on trusting again? "Innocent until proven guilty" wouldn't be able used here.

Can I Trust You?

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