Medan, Part 7 – Ambarita, court of King Sialiagan

August 24, 2013
At the jetty of the Samosir Island. It was a short walk distance to the court of King Sialiagan. Passing through row of shops selling local handicraft such as wallets, bags, clothes, belts, wooden arts and many more.

The entrance to the stone chair of King Sialiagan, or the Court of King Sialiagan. It is the ancient entrance to the village.
Was it King Sialiagan or King Siallagan you may ask? I have no idea... I am only using whatever the guide provided me as a reference. ^_^

Many houses in Medan are Minangkabau like. These are the long houses where the villages used to live in.

There is no room in the long house, it can house the entire family of 14 in there!

Elegantly built and engraved, the houses of the villages. The roof was used to be made of atap nipah or attap dwelling. The door is built shorter in a way under the house, where any guest or person who wanted to comes into the house they have to bend one's body to enter the house; a symbol to show you respects the owner of the house.

The stone court of King Sialiagan. This is where the King and his men surrounded for discussion. Any criminal which was caught are discussed here before any they were sentenced.

A quick shot of the locals while the tour guide is doing his 'performance'.

Tour guide demonstrating how it was like in the olden days on punishing their criminals with the help of a local. Cruel as it may seems, but that is how trespassers are sentenced in those days.


Many of the souvenirs are hand made. Patchwork bags of various colours and patterns. Hand painted blouse and t-shirts. Woodcraft, bead works and their ancient calendar.

Toledo Inn ferry which ferries us from the jetty to our accommodation. The sky was turning gray and we had to leave the island quickly before it stats to pour. But it was little too late as the lake had started to become rough.

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