Crossing Path

June 13, 2013
How many times we had watched in movies, read in books and listen to our friends talking about how they met their soul mate or how they met someone. The path which they crosses and how things turn out after that.

There are many times where two strangers meet and there was a moment where the journey of live was intertwined, be it long or short period of time, some may be separated as time passes or it could be intertwined for ever. As the sayings goes, "We don't meet people by accident, They are meant to cross our path for a reason."

I don't know how true the saying is . . . but I am thankful and grateful for all the people I've met in life. Some are good, some are bad and mean, some are helpful, some are there to hurt you. Each and every brought lessons of life or memories with them. Some of these people would stay, some would leave after the encounter. But it sure does come for a reason - Lesson of Life.

Maybe it was for this reason, I got addicted to this song which was sent to me not too long ago.

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