Hong Kong, Part 2 : Central

September 01, 2012
After our meal at Watami, Citygate Outlets, we headed to Central to look for the famous gas lamp which we so often sees in Hong Kong movie. We were so lost looking around for it in the hot weather.

But instead of the gas lamp, we found some interesting stuff along the way. Some eye candy!

It got to be some promotion event carried out.

Within the busy and tall buildings of Hong Kong, there is unexpected places within them. Very classical stairs which is depicts how it was in the old Hong Kong.

The colonial buildings among the modern skyscraper.

We gave up looking for it after few rounds of walking up and down the stairs. We put this off for the night, as we have planned to take our Big Bus Tour Ride (sort of like the Hop-on-hop-off kind of ride in Malaysia) which we bought before coming.

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