Hong Kong Trip

07th August 2012 - 12th August 2012
5 Days 4 Nights
Overview - Hong Kong and Macau Trip

This is the overview of my trip with my mum and sister. While I am working on the pictures and the post of each individual interesting place we visited. Here is the simplified of our itinerary.

Day 1
Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong

Day 2
Lantau Island - Central - Ladies Market
- Big Bus Tour
- Mobile Softee

Day 3
- Venetian Casino
- Portuguese Tart @ Margaret's Cafe
- Venitian Casino
- Galaxy Hotel
- Steam Double Skin Milk
- Square
- Fort
- Casino Lisboa

Day 4
- Local breakfast at Yuen Kee Restaurant
- Sky 100, Central
- Maxim's Egg Tart
- Famous Tai Cheong Egg Tart
- Central
- Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant

Day 5
Central -
- Hong Kong Ding Ding
- Traditional Dim Sum Breakfast
- Western Market,  Sheung Wan
- Duddle Street
- Starbucks, Duddle Street
- Lunch
- Tsui Wah Restaurant, Central
- Lan Kwai Fong
- Australia Dairy Steamed Egg Custard

Day 4
Hong Kong - KL
- Local breakfast at Yuen Kee Restaurant
- Street
- Kimberly Hotel Lounge
- Starbucks Muffin and Sandwich

Transfer to airport for flight home after breakfast in hotel.

What's worth fighting for . . .

Every now and then when we are stuck somewhere, the thing which we always do will be PONDER. I am no different to this world of Pondering. There is always something which creeps up our mind, more so when we are lack of activity.

What's worth fighting for . . .

Malancholy Day

Day 1 - Malancholy

First day of work without my work buddy - Pearl. She had been my "twin" sister for the last couple of months. It is sorrowful thinking of coming to work in the morning when I woke up this morning.

It had been a "eventful" day today. I am locked out of my home this morning. . . realized that I had left my house keys in the car the night before. Having to spend an hour looking for the spare keys to get myself out of the house to get the keys from my house. And of course, I am late for work!

Spending less than an hour in the office I got a depressing call from BF. He's in a car accident and needed emergency cash to settle the other car owner. Am I the cause of his accident? I texted him earlier to tell him that I'm stuck at home without keys.

--- Sometimes, I am wondered ---

What is the path?

It just got me thinking... is there a designated path that everyone of us got to go through. Or that there is a path that we have to follow?

Land A Job
Get Married
Get A Better Job
Have Children
Raise Children