First Meeting With Little Nathalie

April 12, 2012
Finally I am able to meet the little angle at her home over the public holiday. She is such a sleepy head, she could just sleep through all the talking and laughing and the process of passing from one adult to another.

Stretching her little hands and feet occasionally and to frown her little face when we were talking too loud and when the sunray gets into her little face. Yet, she sleeps through all of it.

It was almost her meal time when she starts to come around and with her little eyes peeks around. Then she started to cry with her voice to get some attention and looking around for familiar faces when she realizes that there were strangers in the house. ♥ So cute~~

Here she looks wide awake after she is passed by to her granny – my aunt, the familiar face and voice after her birth. With a little slight dimple on her right cheek, looking at us looking strange, she is so super cute! I wonder what she will call me when she can speak as she is growing day by day now . . . hmm . . .

♥ Hugs & Kisses ♥

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