Childhood Gathering

March 02, 2012
How often one get-together with their childhood friends? Here we are dining together with not just our friends but as well with our Best Nanny! She is not as pretty as the nanny from the movie The Nanny nor as magical as Nanny McPhee. But she is definitely the best nanny one could have and ask for. With that, I am proud to say that I have the best nanny in town.

Cheers to Good Health of 2012!

Another group picture of the group.

All of us had grown up and the youngest one is already now studying in tertiary education in Australia. She is our guidance apart from our parents. Although we are maturing into adulthood, we do still go to our nanny to seek for advice and wisdom.

o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

While we were enjoying our lunch, it just happen that there is a lion dance in the shop.

Look at the lion dancer peeking from the lion head while heading towards our table. Bet he was checking out my beautiful friends at the table.

This is why I said he checked out the beautiful ladies when he was heading to our table. If the lion does have a tongue . . . it will be liking on them all over!

Another attack from another lion.

All blushed!

All-in-all, it does do us good and blessed when one touch the lion. Therefore, there are lots of people crowd around a lion especially during the Chinese New Year for a better year and luck throughout the year. More else we were touched by them instead . . . even though it looks like were licked and droll by them!
May it be true!

♥ Cheers to Good Health! ♥

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