March 14, 2012
Heart shaped helium balloons. Hand bouquet of 50 stalks of red roses. Champagne bottles ready to be popped open for the successful celebration. Friends and most importantly the sparkling diamond ring in a small petite box with the ribbon.

As time is ticking by, the participants waiting patiently for the arrival of the 'VIP'. Anxious about what will behold when they arrive.... time ticking and they are yet to be seen or heard.

There were two groups of people in the tiny restaurant. The main group of friends who are supposing to be planning the surprise birthday plan with my sister to surprise her then boyfriend are seated in the main area of the restaurant. As for myself, and a few other friends which are the 'surprise' and the witness for their proposal are hidden in the basement of the restaurant.

Moments later, the boyfriend came down to inform us to go up with him for the event – where the surprise is to be given. My sister is in total shock when she saw us the familiar faces of the non-birthday event came up from the basement.

Kneeling on one knee, the question is asked. YES! she said. Party poppers are popped and champagne are popped too!

- Picture adapted from their facebook - 
Congratulations to the lovely couple!

- Picture adapted from their facebook -

*apologize for the blurry pictures

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