Kam Ling Restaurant, Kampar Perak

December 23, 2011
We were on our way to Ipoh for visitation during the long weekend. I think end of November or beginning of December with my parents and aunt – our eating spree. I know this had been an outdated post, therefore my sincere apology.

Kampar is a small old town on the way to Ipoh. My dad used to study around the town in his younger day. It had been in the recent years that my dad had wanted to have lunch at Kam Ling whenever we had the chance to go Ipoh, be it for visitation or for occasion. Kam Ling is the largest restaurant in that small town, by the main road. You wouldn’t miss it. One of the pioneer businesses in the town, it had been the envy of small boy to dine in many years back. Yes, I am talking about my dad!

Kam Ling had expanded from a small coffee shop to a restaurant and now two large buildings! The new building is air-conditioned while the old one is at its traditional setting of mosaic tiling floor and tiled wall. OK, not going into details about the restaurant . . . here is what we had ordered.

Ginger Fish Slice - RM9.00

Stir-fry Vegetables - RM7.00

Taro Kau Yuk - RM10.00

Signature Tofu - RM7.00
And lastly, the main star of the meal – Homemade Special Tofu. It is also known as their Spinach Tofu or 'Choi Jup Tau Fu'. The tofu which is made with extract of spinach juice which Kam Ling made themselves; it was fried briefly for the golden brown on the outer layer and served with mince meat like any mince meat tofu. Very delicious indeed.

Note: All prices are based on self calculation as the bill was misplaced

Kam Ling Restaurant
No. 105 & 107, Jalan Idris,
31900 Kampar,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.
T : 05-4661174, 05-4653541

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