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November 09, 2011
Frozen yogurt are around sprouting in and around the Klang valley. Here, Crumbs came all the way from Hong Kong to Malaysia. Their first outlet in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur was opened not too long ago.

There wasn't much difference to the fact that you can dress up your frozen yogurt to your liking with their variety of 24 exclusive topping made with premium ingredients which are mostly prepared daily. Ranging from fresh fruits like blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, lychee, nata de coco, peach, caramelized banana to other sweet toppings such as dark chocolate chip, condensed milk, chocolate chip, mini marshmallow, granola, cornflakes, oreo, digestive biscuit, maltesers, rainbow sprinkle, M&Ms and gummy bears. And of course, not forgetting their homemade toppings of mini meringue, mochi, green tea mochi, roasted peanut mix and the house crumbs.

Here at Crumbs, the frozen yogurt are silky soft and smooth to the taste buds with only one original flavour. Their yogurt are are made with no added water and no added ice to create the smooth texture of the yogurt. To topped it of with their signature topping - the crumbs; are delicious and I totally agree it is an original.

Mini meringue and Mochi topped with house crumbs.

The first yogurt served to us are tempting enough to captivate all of us with its pastel and yet colourful mini meringues. The softness of the frozen yogurt with the meringue created a sense of biting candy floss with a some crunch from the house crumbs. As we dig in further into the yogurt, we embraces another kind of texture, it was soft and chewy as it was the mochi! The mochi is very popular topping and usually customers will request for more!

Blueberry and raspberry topped with house crumbs

Next, it was the large blueberry and raspberry frozen yogurt topped with house crumbs. Look at the generous amount of whole blueberry! I totally loves this. The large frozen yogurt with two toppings has two layers of yogurt. The coarsely crushed raspberry are placed between two layers of yogurt and topped with blueberry and house crumbs. As the yogurt defrost, the yogurt mixing with the crushed berries, it combines to be the berries yogurt. This is simply delicious!

Mango and strawberry topped with house crumbs

Another combination which I like - mango and strawberry. This is also a large frozen yogurt with two toppings. The crushed strawberries are place in between two layer of yogurt topped with cubed mango and house crumbs. This is a very interesting combination as the flesh of the mango are sweet and juicy as the strawberry are sweet sour kind of fruit. And as the strawberries are placed in between the yogurt, the crushed berries are harder (texture before it becomes frozen) you have the bite kind of texture with the sweet and sour  mixed with the crunch of the crumbs which added a little more of sweetness to the smooth yogurt.

Same as the blueberry and raspberry combination, as the frozen yogurt defrost; it became strawberry yogurt with the mango pulp and crumbs. It reminds me of strawberry yogurt drink! Yumm...

Lychee and Nata de Coco topped with house crumbs

I think I kinda like all the fruits combination. Therefore, this is another great recommendation if you like fruits on yogurt. With lychee and nata de coco, this is a where your yogurt wouldn't turn into yogurt fruit drink at the end. This combination is like the first yogurt of mini meringue and mochi. The semi-sweet lychee are shredded into pieces for easy eating and the chewiness comes from the nata de coco.

Regular cup of Frozen Yogurt with 1 topping - RM 11.00 
Large cup of Frozen Yogurt with 2 toppings - RM 12.90 
Each additional topping - RM 1.50

o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

Hot Scones

Besides their smooth frozen yogurt, Crumbs too offers freshly baked scones. They have three flavours to choose from;  cheese, chocolate and raisins (L-R). The cheese does have the rich cheesy taste to it which any cheese lovers would love.

The chocolate, are actually chocolate chip which they are generous with the ingredients. You can taste the chocolate with every bite. And last but not least, the raisins. The scones are priced at RM2.90 each. All scones are sold at a minimum purchase of 3 pieces. You may have any combination of these flavours.

P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL (near the Pavillion Food Republic)
T : 603-21416020
M : 012-2051970 (CEO: Jaymie)

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