Dinner at Caren's

April 03, 2011
A little late for this post but how could I miss this event out organize by my dear friend. It was during the Chinese New Year visitation cum gathering at my dear friend's house. She is a good cook and loves to feed us with lots of food.

How could CNY without a Yee Sang? Our abalone yee sang compliments from Xin Yun.
And the table is full with food, more than enough to feed all of us!

Finger food of cucumber salad, tofu in spoon, and little quail eggs coated in white and black sesame seed for the little ones.

Our main dish of the night - braised yee mee.
Comprising large prawns, chicken fillet, vegetables and a generous amount of chinese rice wine. On the down part, is that the noodles are cooked too long as the noodles had become soft.

And of course not forgetting our dessert - Cheezy mango ham, compliment to Angelia and Tiramisu from the host. The cheese oozes out when it was cut warm from the oven after reheating. Tiramisu, creamy and soft and chewy from the pieces of nuts at the base. Just love the taste of the rum. If only it is made of real rum!

We were too full for ice-cream. So there will be another day to Klang to finish the ice-cream! And definitely there will be more food!!

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