What's worth fighting for . . .

August 28, 2015
Every now and then when we are stuck somewhere, the thing which we always do will be PONDER. I am no different to this world of Pondering. There is always something which creeps up our mind, more so when we are in lack of activity.

What's worth fighting for . . .


Due to the severe haze, we faced during this tiring time of the year. I am down with tonsillitis on several occasion. I have no choice but to seek out my family doctor which had been treating me on this. I had missed my lipid test when I went for my holiday in April.

My lipid blood test in December last year was very alarming. She put me on medication for three months. But I stubbornly resented the test in April. Of course, I was scolded by my doctor for being absent during that time. She treated me on my tonsillitis of course. I am given another three months to do whatever I want during this three months and to repeat my blood test again after three months.

Depression kicked in... that is when I started to ponder. My relationship was rocky at times and my temper swaying most of the time - very agitated. Health declining. Food is the cure and in no time of health was jeopardized. I am at a LOST!

I hated my job. I hated getting sick. I hated the tension with my bosses and my BF. I hated everything then. What's worth fighting? I don't hate my job. I just dislike the environment of it. I like what I am doing. I am doing what I do (sometimes). Bosses are assigning me this and that on the job which actually frustrated me at some point.

A relationship, being able to control my emotion will cause less stress on the relationship. The main core of being agitated and mood swings have to be resolved. Health came in as a priority. Without health, I cannot survive anything. Without a healthy mind and body. I can do nothing about anything. Relationship and career. If I lose this battle... at least I tried. I can still claim victory if I have to in another job or relationship (worst scenario).

My pondering goes on . . .  and on . . . and on. Health does top the list. I have to do something about it. Though I am tired of all the quarreling and stress.

I needed help. My sister introduced me her friend. The next thing I did was signed up with TR90. I wasn't so much of losing weight and being pretty to fit into small size clothing. I need to get my lipid results down so that I do not have to go on Statin drugs for the rest of my life.

I needed something else. I search the internet. Mum helped me with the searches. We both signed up for Zumba! Not just both of us. My mum's friends joined in too.

That's me, for my first class. Exhausting and yet very fun!

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