Malancholy Day

May 08, 2015
Day 1 - Malancholy

First day of work without my work buddy - Pearl. She had been my "twin" sister for the last couple of months. It is sorrowful thinking of coming to work in the morning when I woke up this morning.

It had been a "eventful" day today. I am locked out of my home this morning. . . realized that I had left my house keys in the car the night before. Having to spend an hour looking for the spare keys to get myself out of the house to get the keys from my house. And of course, I am late for work!

Spending less than an hour in the office I got a depressing call from BF. He's in a car accident and needed emergency cash to settle the other car owner. Am I the cause of his accident? I texted him earlier to tell him that I'm stuck at home without keys.

--- Sometimes, I am wondered ---

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