What is the path?

July 18, 2014

It just got me thinking... is there a designated path that everyone of us got to go through. Or that there is a path that we have to follow?

Land A Job
Get Married
Get A Better Job
Have Children
Raise Children

Feeling miserable and sick waking up every morning lately... What is the purpose of waking every morning? Don't get me wrong, I am still grateful that I can still wake up each morning after my sleep to see the day. But it just got to me, are we enjoying our short lived life?? We are not going to live forever. We are not going to be young forever.

Why do we have to do things we dislike?

Why do we have to satisfy other before ourselves?

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Why do we always need to find a better job only we can resign from our unsatisfactory job?

I am unsure if I am classified under people who are trying to get away from a situation, someone who would not face the reality. I think I'm not! Just that I am so so tired of doing this thing and having this feeling of working like a robot. Robot and machine too need to have their shut down time for maintenance, else they would be in line being a scrap metal.

How can I rejuvenate myself and re-motivate myself to move further? I am sensing a breakdown coming soon. I am definitely in need of help!!


Is it my responsibility to cover your arse? If I am to assist and cover your arse from time to time, who would cover mine?

Is it my responsibility to tell your subordinate what to do when he came back from MC?
When I had passed the files to your department days ago. And I had told the subordinate that there was such thing which I had passed to your department for this specific event / work. "The Subordinate" did not asked me further about it whether it was done or not. I would presume that both you and him; The Superior and The Subordinate will communicate what had to be done and the back log of the work that had to be done. Arent you, as his superior was suppose to tell "The Subordinate" of your what to do rather than expecting him to do it.

When "The Subordinate" did not do it. And, when this task was questioned by the upper management; am I suppose to be held responsible for the delay?

Sorry bout this ranting . . . Just needed to let it out ~

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