Medan, Part 14 - Annai Velangkanni, Part II

March 18, 2014
At the entrance of the second floor stand two huge statues of St. Paul, the Apostles of nations and St. Francis Xavier, the Apostles of Asia welcoming the visitors. As soon as we step into the shrine's main church we are greeted b the Lord: "Come To Me All You Who Work Hard And Who Carry Heavy Burdens And I Will Refresh You" making us at home in HIS house.

The interior of the church that is studded fully with relief paintings and ornaments is a feast for the eyes. The Altar with its background is another unique features. The dome above the altar has three paintings describing the second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgement scene. The dome of the church, designed by the Father himself.

Some miracles which happens was where the Shrine construction fund money of ten million rupiah along with two bible and a Hymnal were miraculously saved from the accidental house fire that destroyed the room of Fr. James Bharataputra S.J at 2:00am on 2 November 2002. Here, Father showing us the intact bible when the whole place was burned.

It was all coincidental that everything came into place, with the volunteer, the helper, the worker that helped to build up this place.

I do not hold ownership of this beautiful picture. Picture is adapted from the actual site of Annai Velangkanni.

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