Giving Up!

May 18, 2013
Giving Up or Letting Go?

Yesterday I found a quote on the difference for it. How true is the definition? I am unsure... but this does made some sense to me at some point.

Why is it so painful? Why is it so confusing? Why is it so disturbing? Why is there aching and longing involves? I'm all drenched and tired now... feeling ... no words can explain it.
The mind is working overtime to think of a logical way to explain what is actually happening. The cue should have been gotten loud and clear. But the mind is still working its task to think of an explanation to the heart.
The heart is aching so much wishing that it could get an answer but sometimes things are best left unsaid. But could this be one of it as well?  The brain could no longer cope and explain to the weeping heart. As tears trickling down the of the aching heart, it still steadily doing its job of supplying oxygen to the brain, praying and having faith that this episode will come to an end soon.

If only I can give up the heart would say. "I think it will be the best option that I can have. One of the hardest decision one have to face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder." Making the decision to walk away and giving up is one of the toughest decision at the moment. Knowing that no matter how hard the heart tries, there is no way of making it work better especially when I don't know what or where had gone wrong.

Though the aching heart is still bleeding and weeping so much at the moment. "You never know strong you are until being strong is is the only choice you have!", the brain will tell the heart. Beating quietly and steadily the hearts will take the heed from the brain. Breaking heart understands this and agrees that Giving Up will be true as the matter of fact as it was not never was mine to start of with. Forgetting will be it . . .  though it will takes time, but it will surely and definitely comes to an end even it takes a hundred days.

The heart screams at the top of the lung . . ."I'm moving ON I've got to be strong!"
The brain silently prays that the heart will heal through time.

All quotes were taken from Wisdom Quotes and PIQ

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