Final Farewell

October 29, 2012

To the departed whom we now remember, may peace and bliss be granted in life eternal. May they find grace and mercy before the Lord of heaven and earth. May their souls rejoice in the ineffable good which God has laid up for those who fear Him, and may their memory be a blessing unto those who treasure it.

It was quite unexpected that my last grandma had already departed from us all. Unexpected that the last I saw of her is in the hospital last Sunday when I came back from Penang. I am quite ashame thinking of it, as  I was reluctant to go up to the hospital on that very day. I was feeling a little unwell from the lack of sleep and the sore gum which is causing me temperamental and agitated. When I enter the room, I was too shock to say anything as I was not prepared to see so many people in the room. I just greeted her briefly. She has tubes in her and there were tube of oxygen, I dare not hug her as I was definitely afraid that I'll pass her any viruses . . . and that is the last I see her.

Passing in the operating theater while on doing Angiogram on Tuesday late evening. Before she goes into the operating theater, she was praying that if anything happens, let her go without pain. She had already told my aunt that she would like to be at the church in KL here as we do not need to send her back to Ipoh and have the ceremony like how my departed grandma had years ago. She do not want to hassle us. She would think about all of us before and when she do anything. She is always with her "Thank You" event the tiniest thing we did for her.

I remember the last time when I was much younger, I would spend my year end holidays with them for a couple of weeks. That is where I learn cooking from her. She would pamper her grandchildren with food. Those comfort food . . . I had been so long since I had tasted her cooking . . . rendang chicken, kaya, braise sea cucumber with mushrooms, egg with prawn filling, meat patties and many more.

When we had grown, everytime when we are back to the hometown when she is Malaysia, she would make sure there is herbal tea enough for everyone. She never complain about anything. She may be angry sometimes at things. But her anger could disappear faster than I can count from one to ten. Well, of course we can hardly see her angry side... except when we are little. Little monkeys in the house you can say.

- Just gonna miss her -

Please let there be harmony and peace in the family . .  are her last words.

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