Hong Kong, Part 2: Ngo Ping 360 - Lantau Island

September 01, 2012
Waking with excitement for the new day... we had breakfast from the left overs at the restaurant.

Setting out to our first destination - Ngo Ping 360. We took the MRT to Hong Kong Station to transit to Tung Chung station to get to the cable car station.

The queue was terrible, and we've queued for half an hour and it is not moving very slowly. Both my mum and sister decided to get the crystal cabin to cut short the queue (we thought).

We're finally almost there!

Not forgetting that it's summer time in Hong Kong, and the weather is super hot.

There is no way we are going to skip this Smooth taufu fah this time especially at this hot weather.

The taufu fah is placed in the traditional wooden bucket. The sugar are from the containers provided. It is only served with ginger concoction and sugar are added separately on your own. Syrup if you ordered cold while brown sugar for those who ordered hot.

After a bowl of the smooth taufu fah, we head on to the Big Buddha.

I'm so proud of my mum for making it up the long flight of stairs to the Big Buddha under the hot sun.

We finally made it! It is an accomplishment for us all to manage to get up there under the hot scorching sun in a hot summer day.

One last picture of the Big Buddha before we head down, for our next destination.

After climbing up the long flight of stairs, we stop by the stalls for some snacks before heading back down for lunch.

The sausages taste better than the rest though.

And it's time to head back down to Tung Chung Station. Going down wasn't as bad as going up. We had the cabin all by ourselves. Posing for pictures for much as we wanted.

Time for lunch! We headed to Citygate Outlets to look for food.

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