It Takes Time To Heal

April 19, 2011
When you thought the trauma of the incident is over and everything will be alright. But you never know when the memory of the trauma is back to haunt you all over again. You wanted to run, wanted to escape. But all availble is only silent crying and tremble. You wished that soneone would understand but was reluctant to talk about the fear. Who would understand? Praying is all I can do.

I wasn't given enough time to recover and to get back to the daily routine. And I was requested to do something which I would not usually do even before the incident. Can't they understand the pain and the self-doubt I'm going through.

I would heal one day but please do not rush me to it. I too wanted it to be fast healing. But sometimes it's not in my control when it comes to emotion and healing. After 9 years of passing... I still dislike the first week of October. But bygones are bygones but to heal itself from it... I rely on God to help me with fast recovery.

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