Curiosity In Everyone

April 13, 2011
Everyone has a curiosity bug in them. Sometimes curiosity is good in terms of getting more information or expanding knowledge of oneself. But when it comes to curiosity about other thing which is not related to themselves, NOSY it is! But why do each and everyone have a curious side in them? Why do each person wants to know something which may not even be related to them?

Sweaty palm or not is not an issue even related to the third party. Why would somebody wants to know about it? People are just plain nosy. From all these nosy people hence gossip arises.

I'm not sure but there is a curiosity in each individual be it young or old. There is this "bug" in them. Yes, I do admit I have a very big bug in me. And, YES it had got me into trouble for being nosy at times and those consequences too. But I do not pry or snoop on other people's personal affairs. If they do tell, I do listen. I do not go to the extend of asking sensitive questions which may offend people... but unintentionally... I'm not sure. Yet to be discover.

All this time, I am trying to control my "bug" from biting into me. But recently I had the "bug" bite which me me wonder and wanting to know something about this person which is not my affairs at all. Thinking hard, should it even come to mind in the first place. Asking it outright it could cause some unduly damage to our relationship. Though it may be satisfactory to my curiosity. But does it worth the damage for the consequence of this curiosity? Sometimes poking noses around other people's business, people will get offended especially if its related to their privacy or personal affairs... and there you have it... the consequence of the action... infringe of others privacy! Why would I want to destroy or defect something which completely alright now? Everything wouldn't be the same anymore after the defects.. you will gain something but loses something more valuable.

Never mind my curiosity about others. Now the "bug" had bit me for another reason. I am curious how people view and think of me. This might be a good time for me to reflect on myself. After all these years, what had become of me? What had I caused others? How much I had offended other people? How well do I relate to others?

Getting answers to my questions are not easy either. How true are they telling you? They may be not telling the entire truth so that would not cost any damage to the relationship either. But by not telling the entire truth, how would you be able to reflect on oneself?? On the other hand, truth can sometimes be harsh and brutal. Are you game enough to accept the bitter reality?

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