My Baby - Toshiba

September 07, 2010
Was suppose to have this posted a month ago.. but well...  late than never.

Sunday, 8th August 2010
PC Fair.

I had finally got myself a laptop. Out of my expectation. Buying on impulse. Without much time to deliberate my decision. I had contemplated for so long. Finally made up my mind with the purchase. Still not sure was it a good bargain to get the laptop. Toshiba, L635. Not much to complain now at the moment. Except of the keyboards which are not that great of a design where your finger prints are all over it and the not much great keyboard when typing especially on the 'Ctrl' key. A little awkward in pressing the 'Ctrl' key, which doesn't very often, it is like scraping the sides of the keyboard when pressing that key. But other than that, the laptop had perform well with the work which I needed to work on.

My Baby came home with a few friends that night!
More of my Baby picture

Hoping that the laptop can last me at least for the next 5 years before having to get to PC Fair again. The idea of going to PC Fair is a little phobia to me. Not to mention the traffic to get to the fair. But the human traffic in the fair itself. But of course you will be able to get freebies if you join in their games. You might get some discounts and freebies when you made your purchase at the fair.

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