Charity Baking

August 30, 2010
A week ago, was invited for a good course, baking for the orphanage. It was for a good cause. Doubled checked my schedule and that day was free of appointment. Confirmed with my friend and "drag" my colleague to attend with me... basically to get to help photograph.

Anyway, arranged a day ahead to have a car for transport to get to Klang. It was first drive up to Klang after so many years!! And to tell the truth... I do not know the way. Based on instinct and previous memory when I attended I-Vern's birthday party few months back. Boy, wasn't I luck. Found the place in a jiffy... with a few wrong turns. Was at her gate at the stroke of  0900 as confirmed. While waiting for my other friend, Yuen Ling to arrive and her colleague Brenda. We went to the market and the 'baking' grocery to get our ingredients.

Was told that the orphanage which we were suppose to go are off for a trip. We then settle with going to the nearby old folks, and to another orphanage if time permits. We started  baking after having our breakfast and storytelling. Baking was easy and fast. With Caren's big oven, everything was done in 45minutes! She prepare us lunch while we work on the cupcakes. While we whip up the batter for the Vanilla Cupcakes, Caren cook her famous fusion cabonara with chicken peperoni for us. Yummy! The ingredient for the cupcake is so easy...

After more storytelling over lunch and packing the cupcakes into individual wrapper. We then headed to the old folks at 1400. We used bout 30minutes or so to look for the 'nearby' old folks which Caren had forgotten the way. And I got scolded by Yuen Ling for driving so recklessly to u-turn. I have not do so many u-turn in a day! On small kampung road!!!

We finally found the old folks home. Only 14 of them. We distributed food to them and chatted with them. Yuen Ling is the real charmer! She managed to charm the old ladies within the first 15minutes. They were already telling her stories and sharing their food with her by then! They were happy to see us though... even we cannot communicate much with them with the Hokkien dialect but they are grateful especially the chinese poh-poh. At 1600 we decided it was time to leave.

While we were talking to the granny the kid entertained themselves with the swing.

We shared among ourselves the leftovers of the cupcakes which we were suppose to give to the orphanage. After sending Caren and her sons home, I send my colleague home before heading home for dinner with my own grandma. =)

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