Holiday Working Visa

July 06, 2010

New Zealand. Kiwi, fresh air, mountains, milk and etc. Had been longing to visit the land of the Kiwi.

Holiday Wokirng Visa had been existed for a long time ago. After knowing a few friends will be leaving the country under the Holiday Working Visa Scheme, the urges came back like a flash. Had thought of applying to England five years ago. Back then, just graduated, to survive there by myself abroad is a problem.  When opportunity arises, should I be jumping for joy and leap into action to apply for the visa.

Recently, saw my uni-friend's status on the facebook. She will be going to Australia on Holiday Working Visa in two months time. I am not sure was it the job that I am holding. The company I am working for... I am not sure what is the source to bring up this deep burried 5 years ago. Was it due to the age factor which I will be transitioning soon in my life?

Should I or Should I Not? That is the question... I do not know what will be hold in the future?'

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